NFL Drafts Selection – Some Info

It was the occasion of the 79th annual meeting of the National Football League and the NFL draft selection was also carried out within the same event. There was a meeting held for the player selection draft at the Radio City Music Hall in New York dated on May 8-10, 2014 starting from at 8 pm local time on the May 8th. The draft was compelled to be moved from its traditional timings from late April to this time of the year due to a scheduling conflict of the venues.

There are several provisions that led up to the drafts this year for the future of the New York City, where it was staged since 1965. Given the increased interest in the draft has been observed over the past few years, the Radio City Hall would also been found wanting on space. The time limitation was also as issue of discussions this time around, as many proposed this draft to be of four days instead of the two days like this year. The NFL will take into consideration all these topics late summer this year and on where and when the next year’s draft will take place.

You will get updated information on all the events all over the world through the networks of ESPN and NFL Networks.    

Main Selections

The Houston Texans set up the drafts selecting of defensive player Jedeveron Clowney from the University of South Carolina. The last time they picked a defensive player was in 2006 when they grabbed Mario. The Texans also shut down the drafts with the pick from the University of Memphis player named Lonnie Ballentine which was later termed as an irrelevant pick.

  • Best Selection: Every franchise has added a number of aims with a single and same goal of one day achieving Super Bowl glory and brushing their hands on the Lombardi Trophy. A few franchises added players to help their quarterbacks and one drafted a safety that will have a negative impact on the oppositions. Every selection was in its own significant but Jerry Jones pick stands out on the view of experts.
  • Worst Selection: Player who came off the board way too early than expected , experts say that don’t fit a team’s specific scheme or playing format, and simultaneously they being picked ahead of players that are more talented one’s which is worrying sign too. Only time will speak upon this selections to be valid or to changed in the future.

The St. Louis Rams franchise created history in the seventh round by opting for Michael Sam, who became the first ever openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL. Sam selection made U.S. President Barrack Obama to call this selection to be an important step forward today in the building a proper Nation.

Position in the tournament

2015 NFL drafts became intense as Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins and others struggle early to register wins more often. There are a half a dozen of teams in the league that have one or zero wins to show beside them- the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders are found sitting winless still now, while the St. Louis Rams, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins have only one victory for them to show.

Unselected drafts of 2014

There are list of nine players who are unselected in this year’s draft namely ex-Indianapolls Colts and Branden Oliver who was later signed by Chargers and originally Baltimore Browns James Hurst left unselected and another list of eight are likewise namely Isaiah Crowell, K’Waun Williams, Cody Parkey , Allen Hurns, Malcon Butler, Brock Coyle and Cario Santos.

It is far too soon to talk about how the early picks in the draft will pay out. Those six teams ultimately hold many of the top selections in the drafts this year, it will be made particularly interesting since several of them already have invested heavily on the position of quarterback. This prompts a certain change from the last few years where the players from every position was finding its place in the drafts and no single position would get a favorite’s tag like this time around.

This tournament in business-end have provided us with a lot excitement many times in the past, where the franchises aim to fight for a place in the playoffs and finally look to grab the trophy put the season on a success mode. This time the franchises have spend all they could to strengthen their resources. While seasons has just kicked months before teams are not ready to experiment with the line ups more often. They showing their faith on the staffs and guides to guide them to glory this year around and from now it is clear that this significant tournament has now real underdogs.