Lose fat the healthiest way with HCG diet

With reduced weight you will not only acquire a perfectly toned body but a healthy body too. People who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have experienced reduced level of diabetes with inhibited weight. The blood sugar level will come into a stabilized condition and it is not required to mention that you will look excellent. One of the healthiest as well as quickest ways of losing weight is HCG diet. This process comprised of an HCG injection that must be taken daily and a strict diet through which you can only ingest 500 calories per day and not a little bit more than that.

What is the history behind the HCG diet plan?

HCG is secreted by the women’s placenta during pregnancy and is responsible for the growth of body at that period. Dr. Simeon, a British physician once used this hormone to treat a group of children who were suffering from Frohlich’s syndrome, in this state the human body experience slower development of the reproductive organs as well as suffer from obese. After injecting the hormone into their body they had experienced vast improvement in their body and slowly they got rid of the unwanted fat. And after that time, HCG injection came into use and hugely utilized by obese obsessed personalities.

Why should I take HCG injection if I follow low calorie diet plan?

This method is approved by the scientists as well and the diet chart does not contain any sugar or scratch and comprises of fruit, vegetables and protein. After the completion of the process you will be blessed with the knowledge of balanced, healthy diet that will not allow storing further fat in your body. Many people have a common question that what is the necessary of taking injection besides maintaining very low calorie diet. Without the HCG injection very low calorie diet may bring some side effects like nausea, fatigue as well as malnutrition. But as HCG injection helps in releasing the stored body fat into the bloodstream that’s why the body cells do not require excessive food and 500 calories ingestion is perfect for continuing body’s regular functionality. The body can fulfill its daily demand of calories from the trapped fat that is released by the injection.

Before commencing the process you must learn well the process of injecting the HCG drops properly into the body and also make a proper diet list before starting it. At the initial stage you may feel uncomfortable as you body is not accustomed of such lower level of food ingestion but within few days body’s cravings for food will be reduced as injection will help to gain the required energy and calorie. Try to take the injection regularly at the same time and remember continuity is the key of success here. You can talk to the HCG experten for the required doses for your body and before starting diagnose your thyroid level because low amount of thyroid can act as an obstacle into the outcome of the process.