Finding a lawyer for flight delay in Germany

Flight delay is a common hazard. It is as common an occurrence as death and taxes. If you are a regular traveler by air, you might have faced this quite a few times already. Delayed or cancelled flights are a big headache, no matter what your purpose of flying is. Your vacation trip could get postponed, you might not be able to attend to a hospital emergency; there can be so many shattering effects of a single delayed or cancelled airplane. Most of the times flight gets cancelled because of some kind of natural disaster like snowfall or turbulent weather of sorts. Sometimes it can be because of technical problems on the airplane itself. Any of these reasons can make you late or worst case scenario, compel you to cancel your plan of travelling altogether.

Well, you should know that the Flight Delay Compensation Regulation states that the airline is bound to compensate and assist passengers if they are not allowed to board because of overbooking, if they cannot be assigned seats in the class that they booked or if the flights get cancelled or on account of a long delay. You can thus demand a recompensation for your loss of money, the responsibility of which pertains to the airplane authority. However, there are certain differences in how things work between domestic and international flights.

Generally, the airline does not need to refund their passengers, according to the federal law. However, there are some airlines whose policy dictates that you will get full compensation. The airlines that are full-service provide you with lodging, food and transport costs, if an overnight delay happens. However, the budget airline policies may give very little compensation or none at all.

For international flights, recouping your damages becomes a hectic matter. If the delay is caused by a natural cause or due to some technical fault, the airline may refuse to refund. The only condition that they would compensate for, without asking questions, if you could not board the flight because of overbooking. There is an international agreement which states that the airline can escape responsibilities for the delay if it can show enough evidence that all kinds of measures had been taken to escape the delay. You will definitely want the airline to compensate for the meal, hotel and other small expenses that are caused directly due to the result of the airline’s carelessness. If it still does not refuse to budge, you can contact a lawyer.

If you are a resident of Germany, then you fall under the European laws which very clearly states that if the flight gets delayed or cancelled, the passenger has all rights to claim a compensation of 600 Euros from the concerned airline. This regulation was initially reserved for passengers whose flights just got cancelled, but recently, it states that a passenger who is kept waiting for more than three hours because of a delayed flight, can also a lawyer in Germany and ask for compensation from the airline authority. Your lawyer will take the case to the small claims court. However, in this case , you need to be prepared with a very good defense because these airlines are generally represented by bigshot legal firms and high profile lawyers. You can simply google the legal solicitors who can take up your case or ask advice from friends and family who have faced a similar situation. The soliciting firm will require you to give your flight details on a flight claim calculator and based on the details, they would take up your case. Get compensation ideas at http://flugverspaetungsrecht.de